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Black Tourmaline (31)

Black Tourmaline 10 Piece Tumbled

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Black Tourmaline Pyramid 1 Inches

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Black Tourmaline 4 Pencil Energy Generator

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Black Tourmaline 6 Faceted Pendulum

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Black Tourmaline Oval Reiki Set

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Black Tourmaline Pencil Pendant

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Black Tourmaline 3 Piece Tumbled

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Today alternative medicines and complementary healing methods are gaining wide popularity among people. As people are becoming more cautious about their health and well-being, they are starting to question traditional medicine and practices.

Indeed, most chemical-based medicines may alleviate your problems temporarily, but they cause more significant damage in the form of side effects. No wonder yoga, acupuncture, and tai chi have become the order of the day. Another equally effective method of complimentary rejuvenation is the healing crystals.

Healing crystals India brings to you a range of hundred percent genuine and effective healing stones that bring positive results in your body, mind, and even soul. One such stone in our healing range is the black tourmaline. Read on to know more about its powers and benefits.

Black Tourmaline in Ancient Times

The black tourmaline stone has been in use since ancient times in various ways. In fact, the first references of the black tourmaline stone, which were also known as Schorl, can be found in relation to magic.

So powerful are the effects of these stones that ancient magicians felt they could use it ward away devils that caused diseases. They even used it to ward off negativity and illness from a space.

It is only now that being armed with scientific facts; we can say that it is not magic but merely the power of the black tourmaline stone that accounts for these effects.

Use of Black Tourmaline Stone

Before you buy black tourmaline today, you may want to know what the stone can do for you. If you are new to the line of crystal healing, you may be sceptical about the power of these stones. But even scientific research has proven that crystals have a profound effect on the human mind.

The mind, in turn, has its effect on the body. Finally, when your mind and body are in equilibrium, your soul too finds peace and contentment.

Usher Positive Thoughts

Your thoughts have a more significant effect on you than what you realise. The brain and the gut are connected. So if you are always plagued by negative thoughts or if you have lots of internal conflicts, the gut too shows negative signs. Poor digestion, sleeping disorders, and even skin problems are often connected to negative thinking.

For such problems, the black tourmaline can be an ideal crystal for you.

As in ancient times, you can use the black tourmaline stone even today to dispel your negative thoughts. By neutralising the negative thoughts, you can use the stone to unlock the positive energy within your body. With time and practice, you can even use the black tourmaline stone to control your internal conflicts.

It needs no saying that with more positive thoughts running in your mind, you can enjoy a healthier gut, sound sleep, and even glowing skin.


Just as negative thoughts affect your gut, in the mental sphere, they have a similar effect on your confidence level and energy. If you are given continuously negative energy, you may feel drained even without any physical exercise. The lack of strength and confidence can affect your career and other spheres of life too.

Genuine black tourmaline stone can help you overcome this. One of the most remarkable properties of the black tourmaline stone is that it gets electrically charged. With a small amount of heat or even a bit of rubbing, the electrical property of the stone gets activated. This energy, in turn, passes through your body and aligns and activates the energy centres already present in your body.

If you are given to panic attacks, then too, our black tourmaline can be an effective solution for you.

Detoxification and Enhanced Immunity

Black tourmaline is widely used by therapists for problems related to the lower part of the body, including ankles, feet, and leg. By stimulating the various reflex points, the crystal can help relieve pain.

The electrically charged stone can also rid your body of heavy metal toxins and other environmental problems.

Buy Black Tourmaline Today

While tourmaline may be a common stone, high-quality black tourmaline crystals with healing powers are quite rare. At Healing Crystal India, our entire black tourmaline stone collection undergoes several rounds of quality checks.

Only when we are sure about the quality with extensive checking that we offer it to you.

Save Money

Our black tourmaline online is not just genuine but also budget-friendly. Further, since they come with quality assurance, you can now avail genuine black tourmaline online from the comforts of your own home.

Is Tourmaline For You?

Healing crystals work best when they are aligned to your problems. If you need help with any of the issues stated above, yes, black tourmaline stone is exactly what you need.

Buy black tourmaline today and unlock a new way to heal!