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When should you cleanse your Crystals?

by abhishek sharma on May 22, 2021

When should you cleanse your healing crystals?

Crystals promote deep relaxation and restore the natural energy flow throughout the body. They get rid of all the stress and pain of everyday life. Their unique healing and metaphysical properties balance and open our chakras. So, for the wellbeing of the crystal, its users, and surroundings it needs to be cleansed and clear the build-up of ‘unwanted energies’ on it as these energies can obstruct its magical effects.  

After buying

Now, it’s important to understand how often one should cleanse them. The crystal should be cleansed immediately after buying it. As it might be carrying a certain amount of good or negative vibrations from its previous owners. In case if you are buying online then also crystal absorbs unwanted energies during the packaging and transportation process. So they need to be cleansed and recharged after their possession.  

 After every healing session

If you are using the crystals to heal others then they should be cleaned after every use. As crystals tend to store vibrations and can pass them over to other users. After every healing session or treatment crystals should be cleansed and recharged so that it proves to be beneficial. The therapist should always ensure that the crystal should be cleaned properly so that it shouldn’t be carrying any sort of energy from a previous client.  

 After using them as an ornament or for personal healing

If you are using it for yourself as an ornament then it can be cleansed once a month or a week. It depends on how many times you have worn it. As you won’t be focusing on the energy of the crystal for healing purposes so it doesn’t require daily cleaning. But if you are wearing or carrying crystal to heal yourself then it needs to be cleansed and recharged after every use. Since crystal will pick up negative energies while healing. It’s not going to remain as effective as it was on its first use so it should be cleaned daily or after every use.  

  After judging through your intuitions

At times you are the best judge as it is for you to ascertain the response of your crystal if you feel that it is still resonating higher vibrations then it doesn’t require cleansing. It all depends on how well you communicate with the energies of your crystals.  

 When they are not being used frequently

There are certain days even when you have not used the crystal. It is lying like that for a very long duration. Though it was properly cleaned and recharged before storing still it needs to be replenished. You will instantly feel that the vibration of crystals isn’t helping you anymore. Then again cleanse and recharge your crystal according to the prescribed treatment before using it. Thus, they require cleansing and recharging from time to time. They are just like engines that need servicing and overhauling irrespective of the fact whether they are being used or not.  

 After inheriting the crystal from your ancestors

Even when you inherit the crystal from your ancestors then too it requires adequate cleansing as it might be still loaded with various kinds of vibrations. For instance, if your ancestor had some emotional issues or negative thoughts that will certainly affect you when you will concentrate on the energies of that crystal. So, one should always cleanse and recharge the crystal before using it.   

 When they absorb unnecessary energies from the surroundings   

Sometimes your crystal absorbs energies unknowingly from certain elements in the surroundings. When you use them they don’t respond adequately. So one should check their surroundings and remove those elements that are causing hindrance in their energy level. Then they can be cleansed, recharged, and kept in such an arrangement that they shouldn’t acquire different energies from elsewhere.

 When there is a change in its physical appearance

At times the appearance of the crystal changes or you feel different when you hold them either they are slightly hot or sometimes cold and dull. In such a moment you can rely on your intuition and accordingly cleanse them. Always try to formulate a relationship with your crystals so that any change in their appearance can sharpen your instincts and can guide you towards their cleansing.   

Even change in your behavior or surroundings can also indicate that crystal has lost its healing capacity and it has to undergo the process of cleansing.

 When they are lying without any use in your workstation

Certain crystals are kept as a specimen at your workstation or living arena then they can be cleansed once in thirty days. Though their energies are not being put to use still they should be cleansed and recharged so that they are devoid of any negative influence.

So, keep a check on your crystals. Give them a deep cleaning and recharge them to their full capacity so that they can bring health, happiness, and fortune to you and your family.